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It has been four years since Gary Neville left get out of class in Valencia. Now, in an interview, the Sky Sports commentator talked very candidly about the mistakes he made while coaching in Spain at the time. He was overly conceited. How to motivate him to accept the job, the impact of this coaching on the relationship between him and his brother Phil, and why he won't pick up the coach again.

加里·内维尔(Gary Neville)在瓦伦西亚(Valencia)离开学校已经四年了。现在,在接受采访时,天空体育评论员非常坦率地谈论了他当时在西班牙执教时所犯的错误。他太自负了。如何激励他接受这份工作,这种教练对他和他的兄弟菲尔之间关系的影响,以及为什么他不会再接任教练。

Under Neville, Valencia won only 3 of 16 league games and 10 of all 28 games. Despite the poor record, the former Manchester United legendary defender said that this coaching experience has brought him more experience than he expected at the time. Next, let us listen to Neville's account of this coaching experience.


Sometimes it doesn't seem good to say "no".


However, there are times when you have to say "yes" and then go forward.


At that time, I worked at Sky Sports for 5 years, during which time I always held the view that British coaches did not get enough opportunities to coach in the top league. So when the chairman of Valencia Lin Rongfu invited me to coach the team, it would be too unreasonable if I didn't respond.


In the 1 and a half years before that, I refused the invitations of 2 Premier League clubs and 2 Premier League teams. At that time, I had no plans to coach the team. Although I was working with Hodgson for the England team at the time, my role in the team was mainly to analyze tactics, which was similar to my job at Sky Sports, but was significantly different from coaching a team.

在此之前的一年半中,我拒绝了2个英超俱乐部和2个英超球队的邀请。当时,我还没有教练团队的计划。尽管我当时曾在霍奇森(Hodgson)效力于英格兰队,但我在该队中的角色主要是分析战术,这与我在天空体育(Sky Sports)的工作类似,但与教练团队有很大不同。

Chairman Lin Furong was only hoping to find someone to coach the team through that season. After the initial invitation, I expressed my refusal, but then I followed my inner wish and agreed to his invitation. He showed great trust in me, and I, flattered, wanted to repay him. It took me 2 days to make this decision. In fact, it was also affected by the arrogance and arrogance in my heart. As a player, I played for Manchester United, one of the most successful clubs in the world, for 20 years. Then I started to learn about work in Sky Sports. At that time, I was confident and felt that I was omnipotent.

董事长林芙蓉只是希望找到一个在整个赛季中执教球队的人。在最初的邀请之后,我表示拒绝,但随后我遵循了内心的愿望,并同意了他的邀请。他对我表现出极大的信任,而我受宠若惊,想偿还他。我花了2天时间做出这个决定。实际上,它也受到了我内心的傲慢与自大。作为一名球员,我为世界上最成功的俱乐部之一曼联效力了20年。然后,我开始学习有关Sky Sports的工作。那时,我充满信心,并感到自己是万能的。

But I quickly realized that when you enter a field where you have little qualifications without being prepared, then you will soon be slapped by reality.


Very similar to Liverpool and Newcastle, Valencia is also a city full of passion and faith in football. The connection between fans and the club is reflected in all aspects and nuances. In such a city, I am like a stranger they never expected to meet. The situation at the club was a bit difficult. My brother Phil told me that the atmosphere in the team’s locker room was terrible. I should have realized his warning more quickly and quickly entered the "crisis resolution mode" to resolve conflicts. Looking at the situation later, maybe a new and inexperienced coach


Looking back on the past, I underestimated the difficulty of coaching in a foreign league and mistakenly assumed the scope and responsibilities of coaching a team.


My task at the time was to help the team pass the end of the season smoothly. However, after taking over, I tried to create a new team management philosophy and framework in order to help the team get better results to help the next coach better Transform the team. I brought in a whole new data collection department, and also brought an analyst with whom I worked.


I distributed iPads to the players, trying to change or even completely subvert their interpretation of data. My problem at the time was that I was too focused on the business-related parts of this area. What I should really focus on is the result of the game on the court. It can be said that I totally chose the wrong angle in the process of coaching. I never really performed my most important duty at the time-leading the team to win the next game.


In the early days of coaching, you can obviously feel that some players are unhappy. Under the circumstances, I should have made important decisions about players who were unable to play for the team wholeheartedly. I still remember Sir Ferguson suggested to me when I first took over the team: "Children, just get rid of them. Protect yourself. Leave only the ones that are in the same direction as you in the team’s locker room. People are enough."

在执教初期,您显然会感到有些球员感到不高兴。在这种情况下,我应该为无法全心全意为球队效力的球员做出重要决定。我仍然记得弗格森爵士在我刚接手球队时曾向我建议:“孩子们,就摆脱他们吧。保护自己。只把那些与您朝同一个方向的孩子留在球队的更衣室里。足够了。 ”

However, I did not listen to these. I try to communicate with some players and keep them in the team until the end of the season. But they are not happy. I ignored the old Sir Alex's suggestion, which was definitely not a decision that made me appear wise. After communicating with Sir Alex Ferguson, I only remembered his absolute trust in the players, but I forgot his ruthless side. This is undoubtedly a mistake.


In those days working with the old Sir Alex, I have seen him make those surprising and unrelenting decisions at many important moments, but his thoughts are always very clear. Understand that these decisions are correct and beneficial for the club. For example, he dared to let Mark Hughes, Paul Ince, and Andre Kanchelski leave the team in the same summer when Class 92 was rising.

在那些与老阿历克斯爵士共事的日子里,我看到他在许多重要时刻做出了那些令人惊讶且毫不留情的决定,但是他的想法总是非常清晰的。了解这些决定是正确的,并且对俱乐部有利。例如,他敢于让马克·休斯(Mark Hughes),保罗·因斯(Paul Ince)和安德烈·坎切尔斯基(Andre Kanchelski)在同一年的第92级上升的同一个夏天离开团队。

On the day of communication with him, all I thought was "it is too easy for him to say that" because he has absolute authority and control within the club. But if it is me, if I give up two first-team players, then what should I do with my locker room? This is my weak and indecisive side. I should have been more decisive.


What I can assure myself is that after leaving Valencia, I have never been weak in the face of important decisions. In the more than 4 months of coaching the team, I lost my self-confidence, and I was in a fragile state. I still remember that I didn't even want to go to the training ground after getting up one morning. I didn't want to direct the training class at all, and finally gave it to the coaching staff. Whenever the team trains, I always have to use English to communicate with the translator very awkwardly, and then use him to direct the team, which makes me feel very embarrassed. I am a person who likes to communicate very much, but I can't communicate my ideas well, nor can I feel everyone's ideas in time, which makes it difficult for me to get on the right track quickly.


If you get a job for only 4 months like me, then you will not have enough time to learn a foreign language. I was supposed to find some bilingual coaches when selecting the coaching staff. After sitting in the position of coach, I realized that even if I tried my best, I could not learn a new language in 4 months. .

如果您像我一样仅工作了4个月,那么您将没有足够的时间学习外语。选择教练组时,我应该找一些双语教练。坐在教练的位置后,我意识到,即使我尽了最大的努力,也无法在4个月内学到新的语言。 。

If I are allowed to coach the team again (of course this is just an assumption, I will not be invited), I will try my best to hire the best assistant to help me, and communicate my coaching philosophy with the players. I don't have a wealth of coaching experience, but my experience as a player can play a big role. You can see that Gerrard used his own experience when coaching Rangers, Solskjaer coached Manchester United, and Giggs coached the Wales team.


While coaching Valencia, I tried every possible way. In hindsight, everything was my own innocence and arrogance.


But the 2-2 draw with Real Madrid was really incredible, we even almost beat the opponent. Benitez was Real Madrid's coach at the time, and he also dismissed get out of class after that game. For that game, what impressed me the most was that we tried to keep the turf as long as possible and did not water before the game so that the speed of the ball would not be so fast. Everyone hopes to slow down Ronaldo and Bell in this way. The turf of the stadium that day was like farmer's farmland. Before the game, Ronaldo once ran up to me and said: "It's too shameful, let's repair the turf!" And my response was no way. That night, he still couldn't use his dribbling ability.


The media at the time was very harsh, and attending press conferences often made me feel like sitting on pins and needles. The other coaches did not soften me to the fledgling me. Frankly speaking, sometimes standing on the sidelines directing the team makes me feel that the opposing coach has completely suppressed me tactically.


This is especially true of Valverde. At that time he was ready to coach in Barcelona, ​​but he was still the coach of Athletic Bilbao when I was competing with him. In that game, he changed his tactical system three times, and he was able to change his move first. Standing on the sidelines and watching the game, I felt like a puppet played by him wantonly. This is a manifestation of lack of experience.


When playing against Atletico, I felt that Simeone strangled me step by step in a gentle way. During the entire 90 minutes of the game, he almost always abused me. When I ran to shake hands with him after the game, he passed me like a gust of wind. To be honest, I don't like this very much. No matter what happens, you have to walk over and shake hands with your opponent, which represents a kind of respect. I don't think he has done a good job in this area.


I realized that I was about to end get out of class when I led my team away to challenge Real Betis. If you change the lineup as much as I did then, then you must be in a quagmire. Our starting lineup was 433 at the beginning, then changed to 532, which I didn’t like, and then chose a very tight midfielder 442.


When going to Betis on the road, we had a team talk, which made me understand that my days in Valencia are coming to an end. Negredo asked me to have a team talk in Spanish without the help of an interpreter-he also said that the players would help me in the process of expressing. In fact, I couldn't support my self-confidence at that time. In the process of speaking in the team, I wanted to tell the players that everyone should pass on the court more, and I wanted to say "one, two, three". However, at the wrong time, I said the French that I learned in school-"un, deux, trois". At that time, I completely exhausted all my inner confidence.


In that game, I chose to send two high center forwards in the frontcourt, wanting to use direct play to destroy the oppressive defense. I told the players that everyone should play this retro tactical style, hit the opponent directly, and stay aggressive. But when you arrange your tactics like this, you actually know that you have exhausted your ideas.


I knew I would be fired after losing that game. I have been fighting each other, changing the tactical system time and time again, trying different things. Players need a consistent and steady concept, only in this way can they believe that the team can make progress through training and running-in. But I failed to give them these.


The most valuable experience taught to me from this coaching experience in Valencia is to make decisions decisively and without emotional factors. Think about it carefully. In the player era, when I look at the players and coaches with authority and leadership ability, what I want to see is also a clear, prudent and decisive approach. But during my coaching in Valencia, none of this showed up. I am too weak. I made a mistake when making important decisions. In fact, I knew instinctively that I should have acted more ruthlessly, but I didn't make it.


Phil witnessed my experiences and encounters from an intuitive perspective, and he was very disappointed in me. The brother who had been very resilient, strong and fearless in his eyes since he was born crashed down in front of him, letting others lead him on some key principles.


Finally, I also learned from this coaching experience that leaving a league that I am familiar with and going to a country with a different language, what is the level of my coaching ability. I have not adapted to the good and bad circumstances, nor have I prepared myself.


I am a person who likes careful planning. I know what the height I expect to achieve with a three-year cycle, and I also know how much I want to grow in 5 years. But since retiring, I have failed two intuitive decisions in my life-one is to coach in Valencia, the other is to open a nightclub in Manchester.


Even though this experience is not wonderful, I still enjoy life in Spain. I like challenges, I like that city, and I also love this coaching experience that made me adventurous.


Thinking about it now, if you go back to the past, the worst thing is to say "no".


I am very happy that I did not hide the mental journey of this experience in my heart.